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Gardening Along With Bath and Body Product Update

Garden Update Despite the crazy fluctuating weather, our cover crop of winter peas have sprouted and are growing well. And believe it or not, we still have lettuce growing in the raised bed! We even had a huge bowl of wilted lettuce for Thanksgiving dinner – mmm, delicious! The tented plastic covers on the raised Read the Rest…»

Ordering and Shipping From Hawkins Springs Farm

In our spare time, which has almost been nil, we have been researching e-commerce software. At this date, we haven't made a decision because of not being really satisfied with the "shopping carts" available to us. So, until we do get that decided, if anyone would like to place a mail order for any of Read the Rest…»

Gardening Update At Hawkins Springs Farm

In the garden arena, we currently have a limited supply of lettuce available: leaf lettuce – green Simpson and red Merlot; head lettuce – Romaine and Butterhead. We’ve been covering these on the very cold nights and are doing quite well. We also have broccoli and cauliflower growing. We got a late start with those Read the Rest…»

Tulsa Quilts for Kids

On a different note, I have recently been contracted to develop a specialized hand cream by the Tulsa Quilts for Kids organization. Having lived in Tulsa for many years before moving to the Grand Lake area, I have many friends there. Two of these friends started “Tulsa Quilts for Kids” about two years ago and Read the Rest…»

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