Forrest Fire Salsa


“Forrest Fire” – our signature sweet and smokey salsa is 16 ounces of unique, wonderful flavor and made with 8 different, all ripe-red, chili peppers, which we grow in our garden. Contact us to reserve yours before it’s all gone – because when the peppers are gone – so is the salsa until next year.

Why the Name?
In late spring of 2010 after Greg planted several of the world’s hottest pepper plants (Bhut Jolokia), Ronda told our 17-year old son, Forrest, who absolutely luuuves hot stuff, that she would make a salsa using this pepper and name it after him – Forrest Fire. After an entire day of taste-testing and adjusting the recipe, Forrest Fire was born. This unusual salsa is hot, but not too hot. At first bite, you get a sweet smokey flavor that your taste buds can’t fully identify, then a warm glow fills your mouth that is actually a pleasant heat. Don’t be misled, it is hot, but not so hot that most people cannot enjoy the flavor. When we first made this salsa, all of the vegetables were grown in our garden except for the onions. Then the 2010 heat wave caused all of our tomatoes to quit setting fruit. Because we had so many requests for more of this special salsa, we decided we had to buy the tomatoes so we could make more. The process remains the same as well as all of the original ingredients.  When we have our own fresh tomatoes, you can be assured those will be used to make this salsa.

16 oz jars available for $9.00 at the farm and at the Saturday Market located just north of Langley, Oklahoma on Hwy 82.

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