Habanero Salsa Is A Favorite


If we had counted all the yellow habanero peppers our five plants produced – well, we don’t think we could have. Every other day we probably picked 40-50 habaneros, and sometimes more. We asked ourselves, “What in the world are we going to do with all these?” We dried a lot for our ground pepper seasoning. The rest we used in this salsa – the recipe calls for 40 hot little habaneros per batch. Needless to say, we made a lot of Habanero Salsa!

Really, even with that many peppers, this salsa isn’t THAT hot. I know – I know – everybody’s heat tolerance is different. But with all the taste samples by customers, there’s only been a couple of folks that this salsa really set on fire. Some thought it was really hot, but most loved the immediate spicy, fiery bite this salsa gives. Rounded out with plenty of fresh tomatoes, onion, sweet peppers and a dab of sugar, this is a nicely spiced and fairly warm treat for salsa lovers.

16 oz. jars available at the farm for $9.00

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