Hawkins Springs Farm


In the spring of 2009, we built a raised bed to raise a few vegetables for our family. The convenience of the raised bed was great. Use the above to learn more or click this link to view the progression of our original raised bed.

The raised bed was expanded in 2010 along with adding two new dedicated asparagus beds as well as a dedicated garlic bed.

In the fall of 2009, we decided we wanted to grow food for our family that was more natural than store-bought and particularly pesticide free. We built a small greenhouse, ordered seeds, planted them, and they grew! You can read more about the plants from the green house here. In April, 2010, we had so many plants that we decided to expand our original plan and offer our extras to the community so others could enjoy the benefits of a more natural and pesticide-free product.

2010 has brought new and exciting changes to our farm – we started offering our farm products to the public including our handcrafted soap and value-added products. Our “Forrest Fire” and “Habanero” salsas just flew off the shelf and we have many repeat customers for our handcrafted soaps. We have recently been awarded a 3-year grant for plasticulture which will begin in 2011. You can visit us either at our farm or at The Artichoke Restaurant’s Saturday Market a mile north of Langley from April – October.

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