Plants for 2010 Season


This year we raised approximately 500 tomato plants, including 24 heirloom and 6 hybrid varieties, and over 200 pepper plants, including the world’s hottest pepper, the Bhut Jalokia, as well as Red Savina Haberano, the world’s second hottest pepper. Other plants raised from seed included a wide variety of herbs, squashes, pumpkins, flowers, gourds, eggplant, tomatillos, cucumbers and Stevia.

We started selling our extra plants on April 9th. Some of our tomatoes were almost 2 feet tall by then. With only a couple of signs posted by the highway, we sold nearly all of our extra plants by the 1st of May.

For those interested in buying plants for next year, check back in March 2011 for a complete listing of available seedlings. If you have a special plant request, contact us in January 2011 so we have time to locate seeds.

On the left is a picture of our last year and to the right is the Geodesic dome greenhouse we built in 2010. The greenhouse was a great addition to our ‘gardening adventures’. With the greenhouse we can get a big head start so that at ‘planting time’ we have well started and healthy plants to go in the ground. The other day when the temperature

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