New Barn Update – Looking Great!

We are so excited about our new barn at Hawkins Springs Farm – it’s not finished yet, but it’s getting closer and closer.  There have been a few hurdles and hoops to jump over and through, but we are getting it done.  Below is a pictorial of the progress to date – from pouring the barn foundation through this Friday’s porch pouring.  The barn we ordered was totally open on one end – which is perfect for what we wanted to do – the east end will be our wood-paneled store front complete with a covered porch so we can comfortably display the produce we will have for sale – our own little farmer’s market.  We are putting in a steel walk-thru door on this end, complete with an old-fashioned screen door, as well as two large windows.  (I love the sound of a screen door slapping closed.)  Our builder has framed in this portion and will start next week on finishing it.  Enjoy the pictures!

Pouring the foundation – on the last Friday of January – just before the double snow storms – first delay :)

A month later – after the weather had cleared and it had dried up a bit – up with the first arch, which was a little tricky.  Several days later we rounded up some extra help and started putting the rest of the arches up.  Lots of bracing and lots of extra hands required.

The front of the barn after the 10′ x 25′ porch was poured.  Notice the pear and apple trees blooming in the foreground.  Framework for the front has been started.  Photo from a back angle from the far side of the south garden plots.  We will install an overhead drive-thru door on the back side.  Our little greenhouse is on the right.

Next week we will finish up the front (keeping fingers crossed for good Oklahoma weather which can change at any given moment), then we will install the electric – another couple of hoops to jump thru thanks to our local utility provider, but we will get there!  Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures!

Greg and Ronda

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  1. Allan Gehm says:

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