Are you a Locavore?


Who, Me?  A Locavore?  What is that?  If you are reading this, you probably are!  This is a relatively new word for our society – derived from the current movement of people buying their food locally.  Wikipedia defines it as “Those who prefer to eat locally grown/produced food”.  It stems from the “collaborative effort to build more locally based, self-reliant food economies – one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution, and consumption is integrated to enhance the economic, environmental and social health of a particular place.”  (Wikipedia).

Our local effort is being sponsored by the Saturday Market at the Artichoke Restaurant just north of Langley (Oklahoma).  We believe this is a very  symbiotic relationship for our sponsor, our Farm and for you.  At Hawkins Springs Farm we make an effort to grow our food as naturally as possible using using organic methods – compost, natural fertilizers and soil conditioners – and you never have to worry about pesticides on our veggies.  Because our Farm is only six miles away from the Saturday Market, we make a very small carbon footprint in our delivery of fresh, locally produced vegetables to you.  You can be assured that any produce that you buy from us at its freshest – usually picked the same day of or the day before Saturday Market.  And if you come to the farm for your fresh vegetables, chances are some may be picked while you wait.  How much fresher can you get?!

Taste the difference!


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