About Hawkins Springs Farm

Our farm is small and “home-made” with a rich history and hopefully an equally rich future.

The farm originally belonged to Greg’s great-great aunt, Hester Hawkins, granted to her as part of her Delaware Indian allotment when Oklahoma was still Indian Territory.  Aunt Hester then passed the property to Greg’s maternal grandmother, Ludi Epperson, who then passed a portion to Greg’s mother, Norma, and she then passed our present-day farm to Greg.  Legend has it that the spring on the farm has never run dry and that it provided water for the travelers on the old military road and stagecoach road that ran through or near the farm.  In the early days, settlers in the area all came to this spring to get their water.

In the mid- to late- forties, Greg’s maternal grandfather and Greg’s father began to build a series of ponds on the farm beginning with the “spring pond” to impound the spring water.  History tells us that this spring ran at least 50 gallons a minute.  After Greg’s dad (Julian Blount) returned from WWII, he and Greg’s granddad (O.L. “Ras” Epperson) built a unique system of concrete water troughs running from the spring pond that fed a “spring house” and the series of  ponds that they built, covering over 20 acres.  The old-timers in the area will recall this series of ponds  as the “minner ponds.”  Julian and Ras raised the minnows and delivered them to retail fish bait outlets.  The concrete block building they built next to the spring pond was known as the “spring house” and was used to count and collect the minnows .  It still stands to this day.

Here at the farm, our first priority is to remain true to our passions.  Our family has diverse interests and we incorporate these into our farm life.    We both love to garden and grow plants and, fortunately, Greg has an ultra green thumb.  Ronda enjoys cooking  diverse and savory meals for the family which necessitates the need to grow fresh herbs and often uses the dried herbs in her soap and bath and body products.  With two teenagers still in school and at home, they are involved in the garden work as well and have learned that to eat the best means growing it fresh.  Our two older children, now grown, and married with their own families, don’t live on the farm; but we have four young grandsons and are looking forward to teaching them about gardening and farm life.

Greg’s fifty-year interest in astronomy and astrophotography adds a diversity that you probably will not find on any other farm.  Being away from the bright lights of town and city provides the best environment for viewing the night skies – either with the naked eye or through the telescopes in the observatory.  The Hawkins Springs Observatory (Skyshed Pod) dome houses a 10″ f/10 Meade LX200 gps SC scope, an 80mm Orion ED refractor and various ccd cameras and computer equipment for both visual and photographic applications. The observatory computers are networked with Greg’s desktop computer in the house and all equipment can be controlled from the comfort of the house.  Greg also produces a yearly calendar featuring his astrophotography.

North of the observatory dome is the Davis weather station that keeps local residents and lake-goers up to date on the local weather conditions. Being located just 2 miles from the Ketchum-South Grand Lake Regional airport, it is also an aid to pilots flying into the area. The weather station is also networked with the house computer, which uploads weather data to various reporting stations including Weather Underground, Citizens Weather Observation Program (CWOP) and MADIS. The weather station data can be accessed via the internet by searching for KOKVINIT3, CWOP 8022, Hawkins Springs Observatory, or from the Hawkins Springs Farm website home page.

Ronda’s creative bent also includes artwork and this is sometimes accomplished through the gourd art she enjoys and uses the gourds we also grow on the farm.

Greg and Ronda Blount

Hawkins Springs Farm
31917 S. 4467 Rd.
Vinita, Ok. 74301

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