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Night Blooming Cereus – Part 3 – IT BLOOMED!

This evening, after we had finished doing evening chores, I walked out on the sunporch and noticed that this long-awaited bloom was opening.  Greg had left to run an errand so I called him and told him that the Night Blooming Cereus bloom was opening.  Luckily, he was almost home.  When he got here he Read the Rest…»

Night Blooming Cereus – Part 2

Update for the Night Blooming Cereus:  One bloom is approaching its opening We're not sure how much longer it will be until it opens, but we will keep you posted.  If you miss this one, don't despair, there are four more small blooms in the making! If you would like to see this exotic bloom Read the Rest…»

Young Bloom on Night Blooming Cereus

Night Blooming Cereus

[dpsc_display_product] Many years ago, Greg received a start from his Granny Epperson’s Night Blooming Cereus, which is a type of cactus (without the sharp needles) and, as it name indicates, blooms at night.  Greg remembers seeing his Granny’s bloom only once, and it was a big deal.  About 4 years ago, we put the Cereus Read the Rest…»

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