Gourd Art

Gourds offer a creative outlet where just about anything goes. Working on gourds is similar to working on wood. You can cut it, carve it, burn it, paint it, dye it, stain it, or just leave it alone. It can be frustrating to a Libra who has a difficult time making decisions when the sky is the limit! Since I am a newbie to the gourd, it took a while to get started, but my creativity has taken the road of carving and wood-burning, learning as I go, and using dyes to highlight that work. Dyes allow the natural color variations in the gourd to show, which I think adds unique interest to each gourd. In our busy world at the farm, my time available to spend on gourd art is limited in the spring and summer. However, it find it relaxing and a refreshing change of pace when I get the chance. Greg, with his ultra-green thumb, is in charge of growing the gourds. Last year we had a good crop of large martin house gourds. A unique part of the gourding process is the length of time required for the gourds to cure. We prefer to let our gourds cure naturally and those gourds that grew last year were not ready for art until this spring. And this year's crop won't be ready until next year. And you never really know what kind of crop you will end up with until the year is done. Below are samples of my first works of art on our gourds. Look for other pieces that will be available to the public after summer harvest is done.

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