Produce Garden Pictures 2010


Our large Produce Garden yielded a very nice crop in 2010.  Our plants were started in the green house from seeds early. The whole area of Northeastern Oklahoma experienced a long and wet spring as well. It was in early May that the garden started to come into it’s own and start producing fruit.

Below we present a short slideshow and description for you to view and enjoy.

Greg and Ronda


1)Finally, the last row of the tomatoes and peppers are in. We planted more than 200 tomato plants.

2)Green Tomatoes – in May!

3)Photo from the west end of the south garden. From the foreground: Indian Corn, watermelons and cantaloupes, and then the 15 rows of tomatoes and peppers.

4)Our first garlic crop – harvested June 9 – these are the softneck variety Red Toch. The coin is an Oklahoma quarter.

5)Some of the heirloom Purple Viking potatoes from our garden – scrubbed and ready to be baked in the microwave. These potatoes have a great potato flavor and are very creamy. Did you know that purple-skinned potatoes are lower on the glycemic index than other potatoes?

6)This is a Jackpot Hybrid Yellow Bell Pepper – it’s as tall as a quart jar. When washed and chopped, this pepper yielded 3 cups.

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