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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Comes to the Farm

Mobile Marketing – technology’s current new application for retail marketing – has come to Hawkins Springs Farm.  Steve, our web designer and marketing guru, has fixed us up so we can offer our loyal customers special discounts.  It’s really pretty easy.  The only thing our customers are required to do is subscribe to our Mobile Read the Rest…»

Eat Your Vegetables – There’s more to it than “Mom said so. . .”

We’ve all heard it before – Mom always told us we had to eat our vegetables – spinach makes you strong; carrots help you see in the dark; those are the two that I remember the most.  When I was growing up, I don’t believe the science was behind that infamous directive we heard regularly, Read the Rest…»


Are you a Locavore?

Who, Me?  A Locavore?  What is that?  If you are reading this, you probably are!  This is a relatively new word for our society – derived from the current movement of people buying their food locally.  Wikipedia defines it as “Those who prefer to eat locally grown/produced food”.  It stems from the “collaborative effort to Read the Rest…»


Spring Vegetables for the 2011 Season

The winter weeks seemed to have “inspired” Greg again – the varieties of vegetables to be grown for the spring and summer season have grown – again.  We have several new kinds of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, gourmet garlic and potatoes.  In addition to those new varieties, our gardens will boast shallots, leeks, edamame, and Read the Rest…»

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