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Young Bloom on Night Blooming Cereus

Night Blooming Cereus

[dpsc_display_product] Many years ago, Greg received a start from his Granny Epperson’s Night Blooming Cereus, which is a type of cactus (without the sharp needles) and, as it name indicates, blooms at night.  Greg remembers seeing his Granny’s bloom only once, and it was a big deal.  About 4 years ago, we put the Cereus Read the Rest…»

Farm Updates

Spring is upon us once again and it is planting time at Hawkins Springs Farm.   We've had a few delays in getting the garden in due to the weather – rainy (but not complaining) and those last few cold blasts (complaining) which brought the temp down to as low as 26 degrees here in Read the Rest…»

Hans - our Welsummer rooster

Free Range Chickens at Hawkins Springs Farm

Last spring Greg picked up some Welsummer hens and a rooster at a local feed store.  He was told they had belonged to a 4-H/FFA student who had them as a project.  I fell in love with these chickens.  The Welsummer rooster was the "poster rooster" for the Kellog's Cornflakes box – beautiful colors and Read the Rest…»

Is Spring Around the Corner? A recap of fall and winter 2011.

It has been six months since we have posted anything on here – I suppose we could blame it on the weather!  Seriously, last summer was brutal.  The intense and long lasting heat wave literally tried to suck the life out of everything, including the farmers.  By the time it was over, everyone and everything Read the Rest…»

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