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Is Spring Around the Corner? A recap of fall and winter 2011.

It has been six months since we have posted anything on here – I suppose we could blame it on the weather!  Seriously, last summer was brutal.  The intense and long lasting heat wave literally tried to suck the life out of everything, including the farmers.  By the time it was over, everyone and everything Read the Rest…»

Gardening in this Oklahoma Heat Wave

Even though it is only July 13, it has been a long, very, very hot, summer at Hawkins Springs Farm and all across Oklahoma.  Fortunately, our garden plants are doing well because we are watering 24/7 – Greg has the irrigation system running constantly to  the gardens.  The plasticultured rows have probably saved the crops Read the Rest…»

DSC_8672 (Large)

Plasticulture Comes to Hawkins Springs Farm

Last fall we decided to apply for the Oklahoma Plasticulture Grant.  After reading about plasticulture and all of its benefits, we thought this program would fit perfectly into our garden plans.  Since we have a high water table on our farm, we make raised rows to plant our crops in and the Plasticulture program employs Read the Rest…»

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